Small Print and Ordering Information

The shipping method currently selected is EEC parcel post (insured).

If you would like to print out a sample order form then please printout this page

If you live in the UK or prefer a faster and/or cheaper uninsured service then please select from the other shipping options.

Shipping charges to other countries will vary dependent upon the type of service required, post or courier, via air or surface and whether insured or sent at your own risk. Please contact us stating your requirements.

The prices do not include V.A.T. or any regional sales tax, and a word on this may be in order. Jersey is not a full member of the E.E.C., it has not signed up to european V.A.T. legislation. When any goods are imported in to E.E.C. (or indeed other) countries import charges may apply. With regard to the United Kingdom our understanding is that the import duty would be the equivalent of V.A.T. and Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise officers are within their rights to impose it, it is up to them to decide whether the cost of collection outweighs the duty. For small value items the method of collection is normally via the Post Office at the point of delivery.  

If you would like to buy any railway models or accessories then we accept payment by cheque, postal order, international money order and even cash (though if you do use this method then please, for your own protection, use registered post). If paying by cash we much prefer Sterling. We do occasionally use and are willing to accept U.S. Dollars and Euros, please send us an email letting us know what you want and how you would like it sent and we will get back with a dollar or euro amount that we would accept.

If you prefer to pay by credit or debit card you may place your order on-line, the card accepting service we use is PayPal.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

All these web pages should be considered as containing the proviso E&OE.

The text and images contained on this web site are copyright, variously of D. P. Associates Limited and M T H Electric Trains

The models have not been submitted for CE approval. We do not recommended them for children under 8 years of age. There may be a risk of choking hazard due to small component parts.

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery  for items marked as in-stock. For items marked as available-to-order please allow 6 weeks.

For items marked as pre-order please understand that the estimated production date is an estimated date and that further time will be required to ship items from the factory, pre-ordered items will be sent out to customers as they become available. Please read the additional terms applying to pre-orders and partial payments.

Please make any cheques or money orders payable to: 
D. P. Associates Limited 
Route Orange 
St. Brelade 
Jersey JE3 8GQ

If you want to make contact please do so either by post to the address above or
Phone: 44 (0)1534 485113 
Fax: 44 (0)1534 485170 

or of course you can always try {short description of image} 


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