MTH tinplate reproduction standard gauge passenger cars

This page is intended to show those items that are on the current MTH dealer order form and, in theory, are available in unlimited quantities whilst the order book remains open.

You may also view the list of deleted items (better hurry) or the current+deleted master list

Updated 30 Nov 10      Shipping set to UK parcel post (uninsured). Other Shipping Options      
10-1127 £ PO
200 Series Std. Gauge Tank Car
11-40007 £329.96 AO
del ep
3-Car Std. Gauge 300 Series Passenger Set - Blue & Silv
11-40037 £329.97 AO
apr 12
3-Car Std. Gauge 309 Series Passenger Set - Lionel Elec
11-40057 £577.46 AO
del ec
3-Car Std. Gauge Pullman Passenger Set- Lionel Lines (O
11-40063 £354.71 AO
may 13
Std. Gauge State Coach Car - Great Northern Car Name: O
11-40064 £354.71 AO
may 13
Std. Gauge Solarium State Car - Great Northern Car Name
11-40071 £ PO
aug 12
Std. Gauge Legionnaire Passenger Set
11-40073 £115.46 AO
aug 13
No. 309 Baggage Passenger Car - Lionel Lines (Celebrati
11-40074 £115.46 AO
aug 13
330-Series Passenger Car - Lionel Lines (Celebration Se
11-40076 £929.17 AO
sep 13
3-Car Std. Gauge Comet Set - Lionel Lines Green Comet
11-40079 £334.36 AO
sep 13
Std. Gauge Comet Baggage Car - Lionel Lines Green Comet
11-40080 £334.36 AO
sep 13
Std. Gauge Comet Coach Car - Lionel Lines Green Comet C
11-40092 £201.20 AO
Std. Gauge 418 Diner Car - Lionel Lines (Orange)

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